Located in China, SME Company is an experienced manufacturer of slurry pump and gravel pump products. Based on our advanced technical and management skills, SME products are divided into more than 10 series with over 1000 models, including the slurry pump and parts, vertical sump pump, gravel pump, and froth pump products. They offer a long life and better performance, as well as easy operation and maintenance. With a wide range of applications, SME products are commonly seen in the mining, dredging, construction, metallurgy, power station, sewage water treatment, chemical, and petroleum industries.

We have created numerous workshops, each specializing in such areas as casting, machining, forge welding, heat treating, assembling, and other procedures. We use resin sand for casting, and our direct reading spectrometer has been implemented for detecting the chemical composition before casting. In addition, we apply our advanced casting, heat treating, and smelting techniques to produce a wear-resistant alloy. Thus, each casting part has a smooth surface, and the compact inner structure and reliable quality are ensured. We also possess a CNC vertical lathe and a boring and milling center, as well as CNC cutting equipment. These machines allow us to produce pump components that have complex shapes and high precision. High quality cutting tools and exact cutting techniques are also applied. The result is our wear-resistant material with extraordinary hardness, and greatly improved precision and processing efficiency of the wear-resistant casting.

We also have constructed a complete quality assurance system, and apply a quality management strategy, so as to further ensure reliable pump performance. Advanced quality detecting devices are used in the production of our products, such as our chemical composition detecting device used before casting, metallographic microscope, direct reading spectrometer, pump testing system for high and low pressure, and testing device for wear-resistant material. Quality inspection and test control are reinforced, from the chemical composition and physical property of our raw material, to every component and processing procedure.

We maintain the operation philosophy of "first class technology, first class service", and are determined to fulfill the various needs of our clients. Our goal is to become a world-class supplier of our slurry pump and trash pumps.

Our Company's Milestones
1. In the early 1980s, Shijiazhuang Pump Works Company introduced advanced slurry pump technology, establishing a solid base for research and development. In the 1990's, our product was sold all over China for use primarily in mining, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries.
2. In 1996, we successfully developed our ZJ series and ZGB series pumps. Our ZJ series was mainly used for tailing transportation and as a light abrasive medium in power stations. The major application of our ZGB series included high head ore dressing of highly abrasive materials.
3. In 1998, we focused on establishing ourselves as a leading company in China. In addition, we also provided our slurry pump in large quantities for sewage treatment systems.
4. In 2000, we developed a new kind of composite material, which is used as the liner replacing polyethylene. This product is suitable for corrosive applications in chemical factories.
5. From 2001 to 2005, with the application of these new materials, our annual net profit increased by 300%.
6. In 2006, an evaporative-pattern casting was used, and the appearance of our product was enhanced, making our product more popular in the market.
7. In 2010, we focused on our overseas business and the construction of our new factory.