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    1. SH Series Metal Lined Slurry PumpOur product integrates interchangeable liner, impeller and its housing, cover plate and other wear parts. All these parts are made of abrasion resistant metal materials.
    1. SHR Series Rubber Lined Slurry PumpIt is a centrifugal pump with double casing and axial suction system. Its discharging ports are arranged for rotating at 8 different angles with the interval of 45 degree.
    1. SBH Series High Head Slurry PumpVarious drive modes are selective, including DC in-line drive, CR paralleled belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belts drive, CV vertical belt drive, etc.
    1. SL Series Low Abrasive Slurry Pump The interchangeable liner, impeller, casing, cover plate and other wear parts are made of abrasion resistant metal materials.
    1. Sump Pump With Metal LinerIt is mainly used for underwater application, and it can still work normally even if the working environment is not appropriate. Also, shaft seal and seal water are not needed. Meanwhile, our product has single case structure, and it has the advantages of small size, light weight as well as easy installation and maintenance. Considering different heights of water level, the shaft and suction pipe also have different lengths.
    1. Sump Pump With Rubber LinerThe liner for the parts above water is produced using natural rubber which shows strong resistance to corrosion, and the service life is long while the cost is saved.
      The liner is made of rubber, and it is replaceable. Based o the working condition, liner made of pressure molded elastomer is also available.
  • Froth PumpThis froth pump has double case structure, and shaft seal or seal water is not needed.
    Direct link or indirect link is available which facilitates the replacement of belt drive and the regulation of rotation speed, so, our machine can meet the working condition very well.
    The packing box is made of steel, stainless steel, rubber or other materials.
    1. Single Stage Slurry PumpWhen slurry pumps are installed in series, mechanical seal with high pressure seal water is recommended for the secondary and following pumps, and combined seal of gland seal and expeller seal is adopted by single stage or primary pumps. Meanwhile, the seal water pressures for different sealing methods are also different. For the combined type, the seal water pressure is usually within 0.2-0.3Mpa.
    1. Double Case Slurry PumpThis product has some innovations in structure and hydraulic system. The overflow parts are made of self-developed high-chromium material, and the casing is highly resistant to abrasion. Our machine features low noise, little vibration, light weight, high efficiency, energy conservation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, long service life, etc.
    1. Pump ImpellerThe pump impeller is made of rubber or metal, and the metal liner and rubber liner are interchangeable. The back vane can reduce the sealing pressure, and it can also cut down backflow to the largest extent at the same time. On the other hand, cast-in impeller threads are more suitable for slurry.
    1. Bearing Assembly And Separate PartsThe shaft sleeve possesses high hardness which makes it suitable for high abrasive slurry, and O shaped seal rings are set at both ends to protect the shaft. Sliding fit is used between shaft and sleeve, and it facilitates both assembly and disassembly. On the other hand, the shaft is designed with large diameter and short cantilever, and this design can minimize deflection as well as vibration. In addition, the heavy duty roller bearing is installed inside the movable bearing cylinder.
    1. Slurry Pump CasingSlurry pump casing in axial direction is used to bear pressure, and the liner is wear-resistant.
      Our company is a specialized slurry pump casing manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including froth pump, mining slurry pump, corrosion resistant slurry pump, gravel & sand pump, and more.
    1. Volute linerThis product is also named as slurry pump liner, and it is also an overflow component. It can form a pump chamber with throat bush and frame plate liner insert. Meanwhile, it is white iron with high-chromium alloy whose content is as much as 27%, and it shows good resistance to abrasion.
    1. Packing (Pump Seal)The sealing method contains packing seal, centrifugal seal and mechanical seal. The packing is usually used for packing seal and centrifugal seal, and our product has different models. Clients are recommended to buy two boxes of packing at one time which are sufficient for one pump.
    1. OEM PartsOEM parts are supplied by us depending on the machining drawing, and they are made of iron, steel, rubber or high-chromium alloy. After the components are produced, we will provide customer with sample for quality detection.

As a professional manufacturer, we can supply slurry pump, sump pump, gravel pump, froth pump and others, and these products are cantilevered, centrifugal, horizontal or vertical type. They are designed for handling abrasive high density slurry in coal, mining, metallurgy, electric power, building material and other fields. In addition, our pumps can be installed in series to build up multi-stage unit for long distance delivery.

We manufacture pumps and pump parts strictly following the Chinese national standard to ensure the product quality. Rubber parts are adopted by us, and they are supplied by the biggest rubber parts production base in Hebei province whose products have been exported to many countries and regions. Meanwhile, we also pay attention to the skills of worker, and we arrange training course for workers regularly in order to ensure that customer’s order is perfectly finished both in quality and quantity.

On the other hand, polyethylene evaporative-pattern casting (EPC) is used, and the components have smoother surface without burr. So, our product looks very delicate. In addition, our date of delivery is the shortest in this field.

Till now, all the products have gained the certificates of ISO9001:2008 and CE, and they are well sold in many other countries, such as USA, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Ghana, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. In addition, our factory is not far from the port, and shipping by air and sea are very convenient.