Slurry Pump Parts

    1. Pump ImpellerThe pump impeller is made of rubber or metal, and the metal liner and rubber liner are interchangeable. The back vane can reduce the sealing pressure, and it can also cut down backflow to the largest extent at the same time. On the other hand, cast-in impeller threads are more suitable for slurry.
    1. Bearing Assembly And Separate PartsThe shaft sleeve possesses high hardness which makes it suitable for high abrasive slurry, and O shaped seal rings are set at both ends to protect the shaft. Sliding fit is used between shaft and sleeve, and it facilitates both assembly and disassembly. On the other hand, the shaft is designed with large diameter and short cantilever, and this design can minimize deflection as well as vibration. In addition, the heavy duty roller bearing is installed inside the movable bearing cylinder.
    1. Slurry Pump CasingSlurry pump casing in axial direction is used to bear pressure, and the liner is wear-resistant.
      Our company is a specialized slurry pump casing manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including froth pump, mining slurry pump, corrosion resistant slurry pump, gravel & sand pump, and more.
    1. Volute linerThis product is also named as slurry pump liner, and it is also an overflow component. It can form a pump chamber with throat bush and frame plate liner insert. Meanwhile, it is white iron with high-chromium alloy whose content is as much as 27%, and it shows good resistance to abrasion.
    1. Packing (Pump Seal)The sealing method contains packing seal, centrifugal seal and mechanical seal. The packing is usually used for packing seal and centrifugal seal, and our product has different models. Clients are recommended to buy two boxes of packing at one time which are sufficient for one pump.
    1. OEM PartsOEM parts are supplied by us depending on the machining drawing, and they are made of iron, steel, rubber or high-chromium alloy. After the components are produced, we will provide customer with sample for quality detection.

In addition to slurry pumps, slurry pump parts are also supplied by us, and OEM parts are available.

1. Our products are mainly made of high-chromium alloy, hard nickel alloy, hastelloy alloy or elastic material. Depending on the demand for chromium content in practical application, the high-chromium alloy is divided into 27%, 28%, 35% and more.
2. Most of our rubber type slurry pump parts contain natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The natural rubber type shows some excellent properties, such as good resistance to acid and corrosive slurry, good abrasion resistance to small particles, etc. On the other hand, the synthetic rubber type possesses outstanding resistance to abrasion, corrosion as well as high temperature.
3. The spare parts we supplied are suitable for standard slurry pump including vertical sump pump, gravel pump and related 4 mining pumps, and these products are all qualified. In addition, we have built up our own factory for casting, machining, testing and other procedures.
4. OEM drawing is acceptable, and we will provide our client with samples first for the quality inspection.

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