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ZGB single stage slurry pump is a horizontal centrifugal pump with single suction and double case structure, and it is cantilevered type. The transmission part adopts horizontal split case thin oil lubricating bracket, and inner and outer water cooling systems are equipped. This machine rotates in clockwise direction when observed from driving end, and there are two modes for shaft seal, one is mechanical seal, and the other is a combination of gland seal and expeller seal.

When slurry pumps are installed in series, mechanical seal with high pressure seal water is recommended for the secondary and following pumps, and combined seal of gland seal and expeller seal is adopted by single stage or primary pumps. Meanwhile, the seal water pressures for different sealing methods are also different. For the combined type, the seal water pressure is usually within 0.2-0.3Mpa. For the mechanical seal, the seal water pressure for every pump is often 0.1Mpa higher than the discharge pressure.


Model 150ZGB-740
Capacity (m3/h) 75.6-151.2
Head (m) 48.6-51.3
Speed (r/min) 740
Max. Efficiency η% 533.3-74.4
Allowable Max. Shaft Power (Kw) 92.7


Model 200ZGB-980
Capacity (m3/h) 150-300
Head (m) 89-94.2
Speed (r/min) 980
Max. Efficiency η% 6.7
Allowable Max. Shaft Power (Kw) 342.9


Model 250ZGB-980
Capacity (m3/h) 189.2-378.4
Head (m) 75.2-80.6
Speed (r/min) 980
Max. Efficiency η% 78.2
Allowable Max. Shaft Power (Kw) 356.7


Model 300ZGB-980
Capacity (m3/h) 246.7-493.3
Head (m) 72.1-79.9
Speed (r/min) 980
Max. Efficiency η% 533.3-74.4
Allowable Max. Shaft Power (Kw) 429.4

This slurry pump is able to remove ash in seawater, and it won't be corroded by seawater, salt, water mist and electrochemical factor. Also, it is used to transport corrosive slurry in power station, metallurgic plant, mine, coal factory, building material factory and chemical plant, and it is especially suitable for eliminating ash and sludge in power station.

Model Instructions
Z: Slurry pump
G: High head
B: Series code
200: Discharge diameter (mm)

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