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Froth pump is also named as "paper stock pump", and it is used to process solid-liquid slurry, such as pulp and water mixture. This product is produced by our factory using the technology introduced from Australia Pump Company.


Model SF/50QV
Capacity (m3/h) 7.6-42.8
Head (m) 6-29.5
Speed (r/min) 800-1800
Max. Efficiency η% 45
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 15


Model SF/75QV
Capacity (m3/h) 23-77.4
Head (m) 5-28
Speed (r/min) 700-1500
Max. Efficiency η% 55
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 18.5

1. This froth pump has double case structure, and shaft seal or seal water is not needed.
2. Direct link or indirect link is available which facilitates the replacement of belt drive and the regulation of rotation speed, so, our machine can meet the working condition very well.
3. The packing box is made of steel, stainless steel, rubber or other materials. Meanwhile, the liner can be produced using different materials according to the pumped medium, such as metal, rubber and other non-metal materials.
4. The raw materials for overflow parts including impeller, volute liner, liner bushing and others are high carbon chromium (A05), hard nickel (A07), natural rubber, etc.
5. Our product is driven by belt, and it also has the advantages of high efficiency, water resistance, energy conservation, stable performance, easy assembly, good froth-breaking ability, etc.

Discharge diameter: 50~200mm
Flow capacity: 7~570m3/h
Head: 5~25m

Based on the information above, this froth pump is especially suitable for transporting abrasive and frothy slurry in the flotation process in mine, metallurgy, chemical process, coal industry and other fields.

Model Instructions
SF: Gravel and sand pump series
50: Discharge diameter (mm)
QV: Base type

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