Vertical Sump Pump

    1. Sump Pump With Metal LinerIt is mainly used for underwater application, and it can still work normally even if the working environment is not appropriate. Also, shaft seal and seal water are not needed. Meanwhile, our product has single case structure, and it has the advantages of small size, light weight as well as easy installation and maintenance. Considering different heights of water level, the shaft and suction pipe also have different lengths.
    1. Sump Pump With Rubber LinerThe liner for the parts above water is produced using natural rubber which shows strong resistance to corrosion, and the service life is long while the cost is saved.
      The liner is made of rubber, and it is replaceable. Based o the working condition, liner made of pressure molded elastomer is also available.

Our vertical sump pump is also called "sewage pump" or "sewage treatment pump", and it is submersible centrifugal type. It works underwater to transport abrasive and high density slurry with coarse particles, and no shaft seal or seal water is needed. Also, it can perform normally even if the suction is not sufficient. Our product is widely used in many industries, such as mine, coal, metallurgy, electric power, building material, environment protection, etc. In addition, our product contains two types, one with metal impeller, and one with rubber liner.

Sump pump with metal impeller is SV series, and it uses wear-resistant metal to produce the overflow parts. On the other hand, sump pump with rubber liner is SVR series. It has rubber outer liner for components that are submerged in water, and is used to transfer abrasive slurry without edges and corners. Depending on the liquid height of pool, the length of suction pipe and drive shaft can be selected.

1. The impeller is made of wear-resistant metal or polyurethane.
2. V-belt drive and flexible coupling are applied.
3. The bearing is lubricated by lubricating oil.
4. The application of variable speed and other methods makes our product work under best condition, and high efficiency and long service life are ensured. In addition, our product is applicable under many bad conditions.

If there is "L" in the model name, it means that this sump pump has a lengthened shaft, and it is suitable for deep pool. Meanwhile, machine with "L" is equipped with guide bearing when compared with standard configuration, so, the running is steadier, and the application range is wider. But, flushing water should be attached to the guide bearing.

As an experienced vertical sump pump manufacturer and supplier in China, SME provides a wide range of products, including sump pump with metal impeller, froth pump, mining slurry pump, dredge pump, and more.

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