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SVR sump pump with rubber liner is designed for the purpose of working under special conditions, and it is mainly used underwater. Our product is still able to offer normal performance even under severe working conditions, and shaft seal and seal water are not necessary. On the other hand, under proper working condition, the service life is long, and our product is also suitable for different transportation circumstances.


Model SV(R)/40P
Capacity (m3/h) 17-43.2
Head (m) 4-28.5
Speed (r/min) 1000-2200
Max. Efficiency η% 40
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 15


Model SV(R)/65Q
Capacity (m3/h) 18-114
Head (m) 5-31.5
Speed (r/min) 750-1500
Max. Efficiency η% 40
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 60


Model SV(R)/100RV
Capacity (m3/h) 54-289
Head (m) 5-36
Speed (r/min) 500-1200
Max. Efficiency η% 62
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 75

1. The impeller is made of wear-resistant rubber.
2. The liner for the parts above water is produced using natural rubber which shows strong resistance to corrosion, and the service life is long while the cost is saved.
3. The liner is made of rubber, and it is replaceable. Based o the working condition, liner made of pressure molded elastomer is also available.
4. This sump pump is suitable for acidic mining slurry in chemical industry and others.

Model Instructions
SVR: Vertical sump pump with rubber liner
65: Discharge diameter (mm)
Q: Base type

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