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1. Structure
This SL series low abrasive slurry pump is a horizontal centrifugal device that adopts cantilever design, double casings and axial suction system. Discharging ports can be designed to rotate at 8 angles with the interval of 45 degree.

2. Materials
The interchangeable liner, impeller, casing, cover plate and other wear parts are made of abrasion resistant metal materials.

3. Seal
This equipment selects different shaft seals like glad packing seal, expeller seal, glad packing seal and expeller seal combination, mechanical seal and so on.

4. Drive Mode
It supports DC in-line drive, CR paralleled belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belts drive, CV vertical belt drive, etc.

5 Application
Compared to the heavy duty product, this low abrasive slurry pump features higher rotating speed, smaller volume, lighter weight and more suitable for conveying the low concentration slurries with fine particles or corrosive slurries. Mass concentration of applicable slurries doesn’t exceed 30% generally. This product is also suited for the transportation of high concentration and low abrasive slurries.


Model SL/20A
Capacity (m3/h) 1.8-9
Head (m) 7-35.5
Speed (r/min) 1400-3000
Max. Efficiency η% 40
NPSH (m) 2.5-3
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 7.5


Model SL/50B
Capacity (m3/h) 11.5-65
Head (m) 8.5-46
Speed (r/min) 1400-2800
Max. Efficiency η% 62
NPSH (m) 2.5-5.5
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 15


Model SL/75C
Capacity (m3/h) 21.6-136.8
Head (m) 7-46.4
Speed (r/min) 900-2400
Max. Efficiency η% 57
NPSH (m) 2.5-6
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 30


Model SL/100D
Capacity (m3/h) 46.8-324
Head (m) 7-48.30
Speed (r/min) 800-1800
Max. Efficiency η% 64
NPSH (m) 2.5-6
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 60


Model SL/150E
Capacity (m3/h) 126-568.80
Head (m) 10.5-51.8
Speed (r/min) 800-1500
Max. Efficiency η% 60
NPSH (m) 2.5-6
Allowable Max. Power (Kw) 120

Model Implication
Example: SL/75C
75: Discharging diameter
C: Pedestal type
SL: Product series

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